A sportive hello and off we go!

For a long time I've been looking for possibilities to not just play sports but also to fill my precious spare time with meaningful activities. Always accompanied by a thought in the back of my mind, to meet new and interesting people and maybe, just maybe even meet the woman of my dreams.

With loads of effort, a bit of luck and sheer coincidence I managed to do all of the above but also know by now, with how much effort and sacrifice this came with. 

With MPM I'm offering anyone who finds themselve in a similar situation - or is about to embark in this kind of live chapter - the possibility to NOT end up in some sort of hamster wheel.
Meetplaymatch is a place, a location or simply room to get away from it all. To give body and mind a variety of options to become fit and stay healthy on all levels — physically and mentally. 

So there you have it...ready, set, go!